Collaborative Partnership Strategies

A Community Partnership with Impact

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To build healthier communities, it takes committed individuals and organizations working together to address causes that align with  — whether that is reducing violence, revitalizing an urban neighborhood, or promoting child health.

With over 20 Best Buy Best Buy Teen Tech Centers scattered across the country, the Centers provide a safe, interactive space for teens to explore the latest technology and multimedia tools. CEO Hubert Joly says, “Our purpose is to enrich lives with the help of technology. Make a big difference in peoples’ lives by addressing key human needs, whether it’s entertainment, productivity, communication, food preparation, security or health.”

“Magic happens if you can connect the purpose of each individual with the purpose of the company,” he said. “The purpose of a company like Best Buy is not to make money — it’s an imperative to make money, you have to make money — but it’s not the purpose. The purpose in our case is to enrich lives with technology.”

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Ten seasons as a professional football player have given Michael Johnson the ability to give back to his hometown of Selma, Alabama.

One way he’s doing that is by sponsoring a Best Buy Teen Tech Center. In a Teen Tech Center, youth learn new tech skills, stay on-track with school, nurture positive adult and peer relationships and get exposed to new career possibilities.

Michael sees the Teen Tech Center as a way to provide access and opportunity to students in Selma. “They can come in and be encouraged. They can come in and develop different talents that they may not even know they had,” he said. “Come and see, see what you can be.”

Watch the video to learn more about Michael, Selma and the Teen Tech Center.

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